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“The results I’ve seen in my business are directly due to the coaching sessions I’ve had with Bonnie.”
-Patty B.

“Go-Takers” Wasting Your Time?

Are you spending your precious time with people that are “Go-Takers”?

You know the ones I mean, the people that just seem to want to hang onto you and suck the productivity right out of you.  And it seems to take so much time to get back into the right mindset to get all the things on your list checked off.

We know about those nagging Checklists, they always get longer, never shorter.

As Leaders, it’s so important […]

Where Do Leaders Meet?

To be honest with you, until now, I could never find where the Serious Business Leaders, like yourself, meet together.  Have you found an upbeat, positive, productive place where other Leaders Meet?

Where people can really Connect and NOT be Sold the minute they walk in the door?

Our Leaders are now meeting other Leaders at CEO Connections.  It’s the Networking Group for people like you.

NO 30-Second Commercials and, don’t worry, nobody will be selling knives or […]


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